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Radeon R7 Performance Series Memory

Question asked by rickler on Jul 26, 2015

I recently bought this set of r7 memory as an upgrade to my rig, however I cannot get it to boot up with its manufactured timings (9-10-9-27) with its rated voltage of 1.5v. I have manually punched in timings and set ram voltage and the best i could do was get it to post in bios just to have it bluescreen during windows boot.


The exact set of ram i got is 2x8gb ddr3 1866 radeon r7 performance series, it clearly states its tested to run at 1866 @ 1.5v (9-10-9-27)


My previous ram was patriot viper black mamba 2x4gb 1866 @ 1.5v (9-10-9-27)


both these sets of ram have the exactly same timings for 1866mhz and both will run at 1.5v however i have never had a problem posting or booting windows with my patriot sticks (Ironically the amd branded radeon ram is also produced by patriot)


I would really like to have these 2x8gb sticks running at 1866 and at the timings they were stated to run at, i would rather not have to bump up voltage as it should run at its rated voltage of 1.5v, I would much prefer saving the voltage bump for my overclocking and further tightening of timings


My current setup is gigabyte FXA 990 UD3 mobo with fx 6300 cpu, radeon series ssd and crossfired radeon hd 6970's, i run a 1050watt psu so power would never be a problem,


I would also like to add that my ram settings in bios do not have AMP settings, they do have a XMP settings that will post the ram in bios but will not boot windows. I am also running the most recent version of my bios.


Any help would be greatly appreciated as I do want these sticks to pan out, otherwise I may return these and try a set of Mushkin's. Thank you