15.7 feedback

Discussion created by rudde on Jul 27, 2015

My feedback of the 15.7 driver update:


- The update removed the transcoding driver from earlier version, but didn't replace it!

- This version (as well as earlier versions) downscales my display (the screen doesn't fill my screen), this makes the quality worse and looks very bad.

- The update shows that it would update usb-drivers, but it does nothing to them. When reverting back to an earlier version I accidently deleted the usb-drivers. I tried to install this update back in hope of getting the usb-drivers back, but I didn't get the drivers back.


Please only tell people to update (the notification), if the new update is better than the old (if both are equally stable, then the new). Fun thing, I had installed beta drivers (15.3beta) earlier and they were more stable. The new update seems to be faster though.


Is it possible to install 15.7 drivers without removing the old transcoding drivers?