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Problem with Dell Ultrasharp U2415 and DisplayPort on AX7850

Question asked by dxli on Jul 27, 2015

Hello! I recently purchased three Dell Ultrasharp U2415 monitors, and I'm having trouble getting the native DisplayPort connection to work with a Powercolor AX7850. Whenever I connect a DP cable to any of the three monitors, they immediately go into power-saving mode. They appear to detect the connection, but receive no signal. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


I've tried using multiple DisplayPort cables (including both standard and mDP versions), and none of them work. The DisplayPort output from the AX7850 seems to be working, since it works with both DP-HDMI and DP-VGA external passive adapters. Also, the DP inputs on the monitors seem to be working, because they work normally when plugged into my laptop. I've also tried toggling the DDC/CI and the DP 1.2 settings on the monitor to no avail.


I need the DP to work because I want to use three monitors, and AMD video cards won't support three legacy connections (which is what I would have if I use a passive adapter on the DP port). If I can't find a solution here (perhaps rolling back the drivers, for instance), I'm going to try buying an active adapter, but I'd like to avoid that if possible.


Thanks for any help you can provide!