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Swapping gpus

Question asked by dns.on.gpu on Jul 27, 2015



For writing and testing ocl code I use a system with an

old cpu (Q9650) with only one PCIe-2 slot. The gpu mounted

on the pci-2 slot is a 280X. This set up was used to install

Ubuntu, the gpu driver, opencl and clffts. It has worked nicely.


I have two more gpu cards, a second 280x and an HD 7950, which

i would like to test using the code already written and I very

much prefer not having to reinstall everything for each

replacement card. I am not certain if a straight card swap

would work ok either.


How is one to go about replacing the existing gpu with the

other two for tesing opencl code avoiding/minimizing -if possible-

any reinstallation?