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Windows 10: eyefinity 3x portrait 1080p, mouse coordinates x,y=y,x+shifted

Question asked by rippie on Jul 26, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 14, 2015 by jhgamer

Just reporting an issue in windows 10 3x eyefinity portrait



r9 290

3x 37" 1080p hdmi, dvi, hdmi(through diplayport).

portrait mode

windows 10 pro 64 RTM


When i setup eyefinity the mouse movement is y,x instead of x,y and is shifted:


The mouse pointer visible on the screen represents moves as if still in landscape mode (while screens are already set to portrait)

The location of the mouse pointer is not the real location of the mouse;

the true mouse coordinates (visible through clicking) are in portrait, but not matching the visible representation of the mouse cursor.


this does not happen when eyefinity is off (and 3x portrait is enabled)