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    MSI R9 280 Driver crashing


      Keep getting ATIKMPAG.SYS BSOD and I do not have afterburner or any other bundled software installed with it.. just Catalyst.. frustrating as hell.

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          Is the cpu or gpu overclocked? Also, which application(s) is crashing?

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              No the CPU or GPU are not overclocked. It is the driver that is crashing along with directX

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                  It has to do with innactivity, when the card is busy it will not crash only when it is idle.

                  I found a temp fix that worked if anyone else is fed up yet:

                  Follow every step :

                  Step 1: Download and install the latest ati graphic driver.AND DONT TURN OFF OR RESTART YOUR COMPUTER AFTER INSTALLATION


                  Step 2: Then go to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers and rename atikmdag.sys to atikmdag.sys.old.


                  Step 3: Go to ati directory (usually in C:\ATI) and find the file atikmdag.sy_.


                  Step 4: Copy the file to your Desktop directory.


                  Step 5: Open cmd.exe by going to Start -> type cmd in the search box and hit enter.


                  Step 6: Change the directory to Desktop by typing chdir Desktop.


                  Step 7: Then, type EXPAND.EXE atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys. Or,


                  expand -r atikmdag.sy_ atikmdag.sys


                  Step 8: When the expansion is complete, copy the new atikmdag.sys from your Desktop to




                  and make the file read only.


                  Step 9: Restart your computer and the problem should be resolved.