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    Windows Based GCN Assembler


      A windows based assembler/compiler for AMD’s GCN (Generation Core Next) Assembly Language.

      Main Article/download: GCN Assembler for AMD GPUs - CodeProject

      GitHub: SunsetQuest/Asm4GCN


      Demo video... (sorry, it is not the best quality)


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          Well done!


          Are you gonna do interesting projects in asm?

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              Hello famous realhet!  Thank you!


              I actually built this so I could work on another project of mine that I have been working on since high school. It is something like "genetic algorithms."  I want to predict the stock market so I can retire early.   ... but I have yet to use it for that yet.  Thanks for asking.


              By the way, Where are you from? (I'm near San Jose/Oakland area in California) 


              I tried your bit-coin thing awhile a couple months ago and it was a fun little project.  Do you have any other projects coming up? 

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              I appreciate your effort, but do you have any plans to port this amazing utility to opensource world (Linux systems)?

              Currently I am working on similar project that can be work under Linux with AMD Catalyst and Open source Gallium Compute drivers.

              Project is available on http://clrx.nativeboinc.org/.

              Unfortunately still is in intensive development. Maybe in september will be available first public release.

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                  Hi matszpk, I don't have any plans for Linux. I don't have much Linux experience, only Windows.


                  That is cool you are working on a compiler. Is it going to have "inline" support in OpenCL?  I see that it is going to have some disasm features. I cannot wait to see it...even though I might not get to play with it.