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Firepro W7000 Projector Issue

Question asked by yoma913 on Jul 25, 2015

Hi, I have an Epson ex5210 and it's connected to a firepro w7000 windows 7 via an active display port to HDMI cable. The projector seems to be stuck in 1920x1080 resolution. When I change the resolution on the computer, on the projector the image gets smaller. Stuck on 1920x1080. I want the project to go native at 1024x768.


My computer is also connected to another 3 monitor which are all connected to the card via active displayport to dvi adapters.


I contacted epson and they told me the following.


"The projector is only going to reproduce the video signal that it receives. This is a question for the video card manufacture."


Any help would be highly appreciated. Thank you.