Why are there ads in the AMD Install Manager?

Discussion created by sammyg on Jul 25, 2015
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I recently installed the drivers for my AMD Radeon graphics card, and I noticed that there are ads in the installation program. During installation, I kept seeing horrifying headlines (the next worse than the previous), such as (but not limited to):


"Dead Island"






@mods: Please understand, those are AMD's [advertised] words, not mine.


Is my drivers installation program infected with a virus perhaps or some nasty spyware? If so, what can I do about it? Is this normal? If so, why is it normal? Why am I seeing this? Is this what I paid for? What is the meaning of this all? What kind of message is AMD sending to me as a customer and consumer? Are these the key words I am supposed to associate with AMD from now on? Death? Epidemic? Murder?...


Horrible! I can understand if you are trying to make some coins through advertising. But what's it doing in the installation program? Is it not enough that we are bombarded with ads already as it is; on the web, on the TV and radio, "social media" and so on? I have already bought the product! What more do you want? Why does AMD feel the need to bombard me with some more ads during the drivers installation process? Isn't that counter-intuitive? Unintelligible even?


The way I see it, this type of behavior from AMD serves as a customer deterrent. It presents a horrible OOB experience! If I want games, I know where to get them. These games are not even made by AMD! How much money is AMD earning by placing these third-party software ads in the installation program for their hardware products?


There is a check box option in the installation program, titled "allow web content". It is normally checked, but even when I click on it to un-check it, the ads continue to be served throughout the installation process. Worse still, it doesn't stop with the installation program. Once the drivers are installed, the ads continue to be served in the configuration utility (Catalyst Control Center). With the poor consolation that the "allow web content" check box works in the configuration utility and it does disable the ads.


What about the security of Catalyst Control Center? How can it deliver web content in the program window? Is it using Internet Explorer components to do that? Like the old ways of Windows 98 and Explorer shell? What if Internet Explorer is outdated and is not used as the preferred browser on the computer? The Control Center will still use that unsafe browser code just to deliver web ads? What if the web resource is hijacked and replaced with malicious code? Will Control Center deliver that too?


Ads be damned! I want quality products, not brainwashing ads! I guess I did get what I paid for then?...


What do you guys [users and customers] think about this? And what is AMD's position on this matter? Has this ever been discussed internally at AMD? Externally?... I only found one, somewhat related discussion on Reddit, concerning one specific advert. But other than that, there is really not much information to go on. Users must have developed some sort of immunity to this sort of thing...