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    PC Brakes when trying to install drivers and catalyst


        I just finished building this pc and was in the process of installing everything when I got to the diver update for my graphics card I have a Sapphire R9 290. At this point every time I try to download the drivers I get a black screen and it says my monitor is going to sleep while the pc stays on. I have left it there for awhile before to see if it was supposed to happen but it will just stay there. then when I try restarting or turning off my computer Windows 8.1 can't even load and I have to start everything from scratch starting with Windows. I have contacted Sapphire technical support and was sent a new graphics card but am having the same problems. When I told them this they haven't been able to offer any more help so far.  This is a bit long winded but I have gone though this process about 10 times and am just hoping to find an answer finally.