No 2xDVI 1xHDMI and incorrect aspect ratio after upgrade from omega 14.12 to 15.7

Discussion created by panelrob on Jul 24, 2015
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This week I upgraded from catalyst omega 14.12 to catalyst 15.7. I have a Radeon 280 which was happily outputting the following:

- HDMI to DVI adapter - 1920x1200 - Dell 2405FPW (native res 1920x1200)

- DVI - 1680x1050 Dell 2005FPW (native res 1680x1050)

- DVI - 1680x1050 Dell 2005FPW (native res 1680x1050)


Following the upgrade I am no longer able to output to more than 2 of these monitors at a time. According to  my working set-up was never officially supported anyway, so it seems that functionality has been removed for some unknown reason.


But it gets much worse. If I attempt to output any resolution to either of my Dell 2005FPW via DVI, no matter what resolution I set, no matter whether I enable VSR or not, no matter whether I enable GPU up-scaling or not, no matter what preferred scaling mode I set, the output is ALWAYS 1920x1080 as measured at the monitor. The content of this 1920x1080 signal is then somewhat related to the chosen resolution with beautiful letter-boxing or scaling issues, depending on the exact combination of scaling at the monitor (Fill/Aspect), scaling in CCC, and VSR. In any combination either I have letter-boxing, or if the image fills the display then the image is in an incorrect aspect ratio. I know this becuase the monitor is categorically 16:10, so if I set CCC to output a resolution of 1680x1050 then a square image should be square on the display, it is rectangular. I do know how to use a ruler so I was able to check that myself. This is not entirely surprising as the resolution at the monitor is measured as 1920x1080 which is a 16:9 aspect ratio and entirely inappropriate for the display. In CCC under My Digital Flat Panels -> Properties the maximum reported resolution is 1680x1050, and yet Desktop Management -> Desktop Properties offers up to 1920x1080 even without VSR enabled which makes no sense at all. What is going on I do not know, but this is specific to the new driver with inconsistent behaviour across the UI and an output which is inconsistent with user configuration.


I do have an active displayPort to DVI adapter but this will negatively impact my switched HDMI setup. Please advise on both aspects of this post.