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Triple Monitor Problems (R9 270x)

Question asked by ballerdog on Jul 24, 2015

So I've had a r9 270x for 2 years now, and since the first day i've had it it hasn't supported more than two monitors at once despite being advertised to support 4 displays at once. 


Problem:  I fixed this problem by enabling igpu in bios, and installing the Intel drivers.  I managed to get 3 monitors to work!  However this causes a problem with photoshop.  I use photoshop constantly, but it crashes becasue it cant use either amd, or intel drivers.  If I get rid of the intel it works, but them I only can use 2 monitors.


Facts:  The gpu has 1xdisplayport, 1xhdmi, and 2xdvi.  I have it using hdmi, and displayport on the gpu.  The third, dvi, is on my motherboard.  When I have all three in the gpu it says "disconnect this display" and setis it at 800x600.  If I set it to "Extend this display" and hit apply, it says "Unable to save display settings"


Any body know what to do, because i'm stumped :/