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    Driver Update for Radeon R7 200 series?


      Since installing the Radeon R7 240, I've been having constant crashes with Adobe Lightroom unless I disable graphic acceleration.  Another image processing application, DxO Optics Pro, is also greatly slowed down. No other programs seem to be affected, though I don't have anything else that puts demands of my system.   I don't have a slow machine, so I don't think its the problem.  I'm hoping there is a driver update coming. 

      Any ideas?


      My system:  Dell OptiPlex 9010, Intel i7 3770, 32 GB RAM, Sandisk SSD (system drive), Alienware 2310 display.





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          Revert to previous older driver Catalyst 14.4.  I was using newest driver 15.7 and LR 6.1.1 kept crashing and could not disable GPU acceleration in Preferences.  I have Windows 8.1 64 bit, Radeon R7 260X, and now everything appears to be working in LR 6.1.1 even with the GPU on..  Only in the Develop module is the GPU utilized, I believe.


          Adobe and AMD are currently trying to resolve problems  from the Adobe forum reads.


          I did a Custom install of Catalyst 14.4 and disabled installation of Evolve Gaming App.


          Hope this helps,