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msi radeon 390x driver crashes

Question asked by mercuryrising on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2015 by icebear8

i am sick of this now i have messaged AMD for help with this problem were the drivers are crashing on me all the time no one from AMD are interested ive send crash reports and they dont care to write back and msi are a waste of time too again they are not interested at all here is the message i got from msi when i asked them for help.


Dear sir/madam

     Thanks for contacting MSI technical support team.

     Regarding your concern, before installing the new driver please do uninstall the former one by amd_cleanup_util, maybe you can have a try. If possible,  you can check the problem with another motherboard, if it's still the same, maybe you can contact with the reseller for more service.

      Thanks for your cooperation in advance!


Best Regards,

MSI Technical Support Team