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Does R9M290X support OpenCL 2.0?

Question asked by binghy on Jul 24, 2015
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Hi all,

I have an AMD R9M290X (which should be equal to AMD Radeon HD8970M?) and I was wondering if it supports OpenCL 2.0. To support OpenCL 2.0 the GPU should be based on GCN architecture 1.1 or higher, right? There's no way to understand it clearly on the web. On the AMD site it is not specified the version of the GCN architecture and on the wiki site it is provided a clarification about OpenCL version supported for the desktop GPUs but nothing for the mobile GPUs (Radeon HD 8000 series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia). So, does my card support OpenCL 2.0? I'd like to avoid wasting time for installing Catalyst drivers, even because I am frightened that the installation could mess up the correct and actual set-up of my laptop working with OpenCL 1.2.

And please, please, could you provide on the website a clarification of all the specs avoiding most of the time jumping site by site to collect all the informations, and avoiding to search for HW/SW features that corresponds to other GPUs? According to me, it gets crazy.


Thanks in advance,