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Another integrated/dedicated cards problem.

Question asked by tjen420 on Jul 23, 2015
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I've recently bought an MSI GX70 3CC Destroyer laptop with the intent of well, gaming of course. But i've encountered some problems with some games not being able to recognize my dedicated graphics card and somehow always using my integrated one. The dedicated one is a lot better so i have to make serious compromises to be able to play. Now, the games who had this problem i always was able to bypass it in someway, going in my performance settings or my switchable graphics settings and all that. I was glad that i had solved this for all of my games, until i bought GTA V.

This is a very stubborn game which does not support crossfiring and seems to resist every solution to the problem so far. It still only recognizes my onboard graphics. I have contacted Rockstar Support and had a lengthy conversation about it and we were able to conclude the following:



"I have an APU (AMD A10-5750M CPU + integrated AMD Radeon HD 8650G 768MB GPU)
+ a dedicated GPU (AMD Radeon R9 M290X or a.k.a. the rebadged HD8970M 2GB)


GTA V and other games seem to only use the integrated card, and ignore the dedicated one. Hence the game (GTA V) only showing 768mb video memory.

Things i have tried: Multiple re-installs of the drivers, disabling the integrated card in device manager, putting the game and the launcher to 'High Performance' setting which would indicate it was using my dedicated card. None of these things have worked.

I have also looked into my BIOS where some people have found the solution, which was simply disabling the integrated card. There is no such option in my very limited BIOS.

Other people have reported solving this by simply going in AMD's Control Center and disabling dual graphics. I also have no such option in my Control Center.

Next step: Contacting AMD about this problem."



So this is me, reaching out to AMD with this issue.


I'd appreciate any help with this because eventhough the game wouldn't be able to run on very high settings because of it's beefy requirements, the game runs extremely poor now so it feels like a waste of money.


Thanks in advance!

Me and Rockstar Support will both be awaiting replies.