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Can't get Warranty service

Question asked by voredock on Jul 23, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by ray_m

i have a amd 8329e that i have had for 6 months it stooped working wont even boot i sent my motherboard in to asus and it tested fine i put a old chip in the system a phenom II and it boots just fine .  So i went online filled out the form 3 days ago and i have gotten to automatic e-mails one with a ticket number and nothing else  no instructions no nets step no contact i looked up the customer service number  408-749-3060 it is shout down it connects to amd's system and says it's not a working number anymore so i called the core number 408-749-4000 i also tried the number in Austen tx asked for customer service and the operator no answer 2 times i let it ring for 20  mins  no answer iam at my wits end here  i have a 3y warranty and i cant even get in touch with anyone at AMD  for a RMA . What is going on here ?