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Help with issues from Catalyst 15.7

Question asked by ashra on Jul 22, 2015

I updated the drivers this morning but didn't restart my PC and everything was working fine but after I restarted it I accidentally clicked yes to a question about DPI when my monitor is so bad it immediately became a blank screen so I booted up in safe mode and removed all AMD drivers with Display Driver Uninstaller but now when I reinstalled 15.7 my HDMI audio devices are not working, it says High Definition Audio Device is not plugged in.


I checked to make sure the HDMI audio drivers were installed (they are) and my headphones work so I don't know whats causing it. Also i'm still having the same problem where if I restart my PC the screen will go blank, I thought if I reinstalled it would ask me the question again but it just instantly goes blank and doesn't even make it too any screen.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.