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    Driver update 15.7 Display Driver fails to install on Windows 8.1


      This is my setup:


      AMD 8320 CPU

      Radeon HD 7870

      Corsair Vengeance 24 gig 1600 mhz ram

      Dual screen 49" HD screen (HDMI Connected)/19" (DVI connected)

      WD Blue w/Windows 8.1 pro (Main Drive)

      WD Black w/Windows 10 pro


      I was in Windows 10 and an AMD Alert prompted me to update my Drivers to 15.7 ... so I did ... the update went without a hitch ... so I figured why not update my windows 8.1 ... so I switched back to windows 8.1 and started the update ... when I got to the end of the install I was notified that there were errors in the install ... I checked the log and saw that the Display Driver failed to install. When my system finished the restart my main monitor (the 49" HD with HDMI connection) switched to grey scale (my second monitor had no problems).


      I tried reinstalling ... same problem ...

      I tried fully uninstalling the AMD Drivers ... no fix

      I tried an old install.cfg Workaround=true fix and ... no fix

      I tried running in Admin ... no fix

        • Re: Driver update 15.7 Display Driver fails to install on Windows 8.1

          This is how I fixed this particular Problem ...


          During one of the multi hour installation processes I noticed the HDMI drivers in particular were having problems.

          I turned off my computer and disconnected my main Monitor (The one with the HDMI Connection).

          Started my computer and did the driver install ... It worked without a problem ... Restarted the computer after the good install ... No problems

          while my computer was still running I plugged my main monitor in (The one with the HDMI Connection) and ... no problems ... so everything is working great now ...


          If you have a similar problem and have any questions pleas feel free to ask me

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