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Alienware M17x R3 (Early 2011) Graphics issues. Please Help.

Question asked by sackyholic on Jul 22, 2015

Hey everyone,


i got a problem with graphicscard. My Problem is, the Device Manager didn't show me my Graphiccard.


I Read a lot about "switchable Graphics and much more, but i only understand "Trainstation" ...


I tried to Rebuild my System (New Windows 7 DVD [selled from Dell, it comes over Post], new Harddrive bcs my old was broken) We cleaned up all Components inside my Laptop.

After installing Windows and Downloading Drivers, the Graphiccard was working and showed on Device Manager.


At home i installed my Programs like Steam and so on, all works fine, but after a week, maybe two, the Graphiccard wans't working and showed on the Device Manager. I Uninstalled all AMD and Intel drivers with "express uninstall" as "Kingfishguru" said in other threads. After that, my Laptop say "Restart the Computer". After that, my Laptop Installed a "Standart-VGA-Graphicscard". I take my Driver which is the only one who worked for me and then, after a second restart after the Installation, my Graphics was working fine, showed in the Device Manager and so on.


Last Night, Windows makes an automatic Update. Today i started my Laptop and the Graphicscard wasn't showed in the Device Manager, so i tried the "stepback to an early version of your System". Dosen't work. I tried to uninstall all Drivers including CCC, but my System says nothing like "Restart your Computer" like before. I do exactly the same steps like before, nothing. My Graphicscard dosen't work.


Today i found, that my ST Mirco Device Monitoring, or which ever is the correct name of that, isn't avaible with my Windows, so i downloaded it from the Dell Homepage and the Problem was fixed.


so i'm very confused now, i know that my Graphicscard is working fine, but my System dosen't show me the Graphicscard in the Device Manager ..


Srry, i didn't have any experience with BiOS or something else and, as you can see, my English isn't perfect as well. But, my Neighbour is an IT-System-Expert and she cleaned my Components reinstalled Windows for me and so on, and she haven't any clue, what is wrong with my Laptop.


I only download drivers from Dell Homepage and from AMD Homepage for my Graphicscard, the drivers for my Graphicscard from Dell dosen't work.


I'm reading alot around, and i found in my System something with the Name "Raptr". I uninstalled it, becouse i never saw that on my Laptop before.


I Read that Kingfishguru said something about switchable Graphics and get mobility Drivers, i get them, the mobility Driver which is working for my Graphicscard but it dosen't work, now. And that from an Windows Update? I Guess i just oversaw something or make some faults, i dont know, please help me.


If you want, and clearly i prefer it, answer in german or write me an Private Message in German, if the Forums dosen't allow to post in german Language.

I can speak english, i can write it, i can read it, but i dont understand the most. ^^ Srry for that.


My System:


Alienware M17x R3 (Early 2011)

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 - 2670QM CPU (at) 2,20 GHz

6 GB DDR3 Ram

64 Bit System - Windows 7 Home Premium



Intel(R) HD Graphics 3000

AMD Radeon HD 6870M <- didn't showed in the device Manager


Say something, if you need more Informations about my System



Hopefully anyone can help me, Dell Support can't help as well, they only want to send me a Man that i have to pay a lot of Euros.

Best whishes, Kevin