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AMD Raedon 6670 driver update screen resolution problems

Question asked by csflorence on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by shoeunited

So I wanted to update my graphics card to try and hopefully getting better fps at medium settings on WoW( used to be able to get decent fps on high settings a year ago but now I have to play on low settings). I uninstalled my driver and re installed the current one from the AMD website and it changed my screen resolution. Well, its still the same resolution, just looks way different. In the driver version I had before this one( back from 2013), the resoltion was crisp, fit perfectly, and looked clear. The current update( that came along with the amd center catalyst program) makes the same resolution not fit the screen and look blurry, even when I change the resolution.  I've searched everywhere on the internet and cannot find a solution. Please help.