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Strange behavior on Hawaii

Question asked by zoli0726 on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 24, 2015 by dipak



I have some problem with the hawaii gpu.


I have a molecular simulation application, which runs great on tahiti(280x), and on cpu, but i get very incorrect result on hawaii.


Almost all the kernels use local memory, and it affects the result. If i stop using it, then the results getting better but still incorrect, however it isn't a sync problem, because i don't share data between work items, i


just use local memory to temporarily store data, because the kernels have to do a lot of memory writes.


I have complex structures in the code, but as i said, it runs correctly on any device i tried yet, only hawaii is the exception.


Is there any explanation why could a code run differently on hawaii compared to other devices?


I can share parts of the code if its needed. I use the latest 15.7 catalyst driver on linux.