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    Is DirectGMA supported on Radeon GPUs?


      I recently read that DirectGMA is supported on FirePro GPUs, but is it also available on Radeon GPUs?  If so, on which families/models can it be used?



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          Hi Sean,


          Welcome.  I have white-listed you and moved this post to the DirectGMA forum.  In the future, you can post your questions directly in that forum (or any other forum).



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            Hi sean,


            from my google search, only firepro seem to support DirectGMA, but not being from amd at all, and working on firepro, i'm not sure from that. What i would say is that you can try to see if it's supported by yourself:


            maybe you can try to check the different options when you install your driver (you should get something about opencl, opengl), and then if there is nothing related, still try to activate it with the following commands :

            aticonfig --set-pcs-val=MCIL,DMAOGLExtensionApertureMB,96

            aticonfig --set-pcs-u32=KERNEL,InitialPhysicalUswcUsageSize,96

            then reboot and check for the "cl_bus_addressable_amd" extension when running the clinfo command. If it's there, normally you could use directgma.


            However, depending on your distribution, it seems there may be a bug that prevents the previous parameters to be registered upon reboot (i got the case three times with fresh opensuse installations). You can so check this post to try to activate it in a different manner : enabling directgma feature problem, can't get extension


            best luck with tries!

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              Hi Sean,


              Yes, DirectGMA is supported only on FirePro at the moment.