Black screen in Windows 7 after failed driver upgrade HD 5670.  Any way to back out?

Discussion created by webwurks on Jul 21, 2015

My Dell Alienware PC with Windows 7 Ultimate will not boot (not even in Safe Mode) after a failed upgrade to the driver for the dual AMD Radeon HD 5670 video cards.


I only get a black screen with a moving cursor after the MS Welcome screen.   No command keys, ctrl-alt-delete does not work... nothing except a moving cursor.  The system will eventually power down after pressing the system's power button.


Unable to boot into any safe mode and all recovery options have failed. 


Is there a MSDOS installer for the latest drivers for this card or is there some way to remove the "half" installed driver files?


Any suggestions are welcome.  I have exhausted my 20+ years experience with PC and Windows.