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AMD Radeon HD 7600M not detecting

Question asked by ashikgeorge on Jul 21, 2015

hi everyone,

I am using hp envy m6 with radeon HD 7600 M ,As i found in the website ,i downloaded catalyst Center 15.7 as the latest driver recommendation,While installing the driver PC Crashed and a blude screen appeared which shows "YOUR PC RAN IN TO SOME  PROBLEM" and restated . Now I don't have the radeon series nor the Catalyst center, Its there in the device manager ,as i tried to update from there it says your driver is up to date,
I tried the auto detect Utility ,which again says your are using the updated version of the driver .
What is the problem and how can i resolve this issue

( I tried to run witcher  3 ,after all this happened ,its not playable )
Please do ive me a solution