AMD Catalyst 15.7 for Windows 10 64bit - DirectX9 games problems in 10240

Discussion created by back37 on Jul 21, 2015

Hi everyone!

After install this driver to Windows 10 10240 i take a problem:

Some games without DX11 support take a freezes every few seconds without compability settings (at least popular online game World Of Tanks).

But then i set compability with older windows versions (Win8 or Win7), before game starts i get white window with notification "Press Win+Alt+R to start REC", after game starts to load and it's stuck. Then i press this combination game continied to load, then stop it's stuck again. This is new GameDVR function of Windows but disabling it gives nothing.


After install Catalist 15.6 Beta problem is gone also GameDVR doesn't detect games...

Of course it can be a problem of build 10240, but also it can be a problem of graphics driver and it can be confirmed only with newer graphics card, or card of AMD competitor.

I hope the problem will be found and resolved in future versions of drivers or windows (as i know AMD is working with Microsoft with DX12 and Windows 10, and if the problem is GameDVR, i hope the information will be given to them).


My graphics card is Radeon R9 270, if you need some logs or more information, just say, i will get it for you.

P.S. With WDMM driver from Win Update Center, game also freezes without compability mode, but don't stuck then i set compability, now i can say - this is Catalyst 15.7 problem!


Sorry for my English and Thank you for Attention!