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Scaling/Resolution changed after update.

Question asked by jfewkes96 on Jul 21, 2015
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So yesterday I did the most recent update which changed the resolution/scaling on my main monitor, a 40" TV, ran through HDMI, 1920/1080. Its about an inch to big to fit onto the screen, the 2nd monitor, a 24" PC screen is perfectly fine. I'm not a huge computer technician but Ive done everything i can think of, Control Panel > Appearance and Personalization > Display > Screen Resolution, both set to 1920/1080 as usual, then AMD Cata > Desktops and Displays > Desktop Management > Desktop Properties, set to 1080p @ 60p Hz, AMD Cata > Desktops and Displays > My Digital Flat-Panels > Scaling Options, Ive scaled it down using that but now its about an inch to small and I cant get it any better. I'm gonna go ahead and assume its something so simple so if somebody could give me some answers it would be much appreciated.