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hardware issue that causes microstuttering in different games

Question asked by xmishax on Jul 21, 2015
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Good evening everyone :)



So recently I have arranged my new pc - ( HDD is 5years old as I recycled from my old premade pc ). Bought all parts from vendors in my country with all papers and warranties. Put everything together using guides from the internet, doing it carefuly, step by step. Installed windows 7, other software and everything seemed to be okay (y) no hiccups. Installed lates 15.7 Catalyst with latest AMD drivers for R9 380 from AMD site. But when I started playing games sh*t gone wrong...and thats what bothers me.


Right now I have only 5 games installed, because others are still downloading and with my internet speed it will take long >.< but here what happens when I play






Cruised around town in a car. Had some car accidents.


Everything on very high, except

Grass quality normal

Post fx high

Reflection quality high

MSAA turned off

FXAA turned on

VSYNC turned on


All advanced graphics are turned off

DirectX 11 1080p Fullscreen



Crysis 3.


The beggining of the game. First mission. Ran around, killed some enemies with a bow



Everything is on low

AA is turned off






Witcher 3.


Cruised around with a Roach, killed some wolves



Everything is on high in graphics

Postprocessing elements are turned on


SSAO, Sharpening is on low

AA turned on

Frame limit 60

Guy in forums advised me to set it on borderless window and vsync off, so I did that.





Right after the attack of Alduin. Hung around in dungeons. Killed some stormcloacks. Picked some locks.


Everything is maxed out, except MSAA is only 2x






Metal Gear Rising Revengeance.


Second mission. Killed some npcs, destroyed a chopper, just ran around.


Everything is maxed out, except MSAA is only 2x




So the story began like that. I installed GTA V first. In first mission when robbing a bank, everything was silky smooth and nice. Then when stealing cars as Franklin, everything was good aswell, but as soon as I started free roaming, stutters started to happen. I started monitoring my game with MSI Afterburner and saw graphs like below... Sometimes game stuttered with fps drop, sometimes not, but most of the time all the stuttering and frametime spike was at the same time when voltages, core clocks, gpu and cpu usage dropped. At first I thought it was patchs fault, as Ive read in forums that patch caused some stuttering...okay with that. I could wait for a new patch to come..


But as soon as I started playing other games same sh*t happened... in Witcher3 frametimes where still spiking causing some microstutters. Skyrim had same story, MGR Revengeance had same story, Crysis 3 aswell. I even tried tweaking my graphics setting, but that didnt work... stutters still were there.

Tried updating MoBo BIOS, everything gone well, but stutters still kept bothering me. Turned off all possible backround problems , set high priority in task manager - nothing helped.


CPU settings in BIOS are all at stock, GPU isnt overclocked aswell ( I tried to overclock it, but I only managed to reach 1020Mhz core clock stable and 1035Mhz clock with +10mV, so I decided to keep it at stock for a while ). I almost always kept monitoring my systems vitals and never seen temps go above 60C on cpu and 65C on gpu.


Maybe its my old HDD causing some stutters, as its pretty old (5years or maybe even 6 ) ???


I thought it may be my monitor that caused stuttering as I use it with DVI-D to VGA adaptor. I connected my full hd TV via HDMI cable to my pc and played witcher 3, crysis 3 and gta V for some time...Unfortunately no luck with that :(

I also tried disabling vsync, but it didnt help aswell T.T

Also reinstalled fressh version of drivers - still no luck


Maybe anyone has an idea whats happening with my system? What can be wrong? Is there any ways of fixing it? Or I just should RMA one or another part, because its faulty?

It seems like I put all the monitoring information that is commonly asked, but if you need some further information write it down and I will give it.


I bought my last pc premade from the shop and wasnt very concerned about its performance and part. I was just happy that I could play games. And this one is my first self built pc and its kinda sad, that somethings wrong with it...So I hope for community's help in this problems salvation :)


Any help appreciated

Thank you in advance :)