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Prb. I need help Plz.

Question asked by ihab on Jul 20, 2015
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While watching videos from youtube (pdf files were also opened during that time but minimized)

I encountered a message that says "display driver has crashed and successfully recovered" that message showed up for three times the interval was like 10 seconds. After the third time the blue screen showed up and my laptop turned off.


When I try to turn on my laptop there is no more display. I then connect it to an external monitor through the VGA port it works fine but only works on safe mode.When I try to choose start normally it goes to startup repair after that it says Startup Repair cannot repair this computer automatically. My graphics card is AMD radeon. Please help me repair my laptop.


EDIT: Disabled my AMD radeon HD 7xxxM graphics and turn to VGA standard graphics instead. Now my laptop starts normally but displays only on external monitor laptop's built in LCD has no display.