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Limit APU Memory Reservation

Question asked by pmurphy881 on Jul 20, 2015

I'm using AMD APU's in an office environment and have found that on many systems that if left running for a while it reserves a lot of memory.  One system had 4GB taken up out of 8GB available on the system.  Is there a way to limit or set a hard max memory setting on the GPU side of the AMD APU's?  I have checked the bios and found nothing that would allow me to limit its memory usage.


The Hardware is as follows.


AMD APU A10-7870K

Gigabyte F2A88XM-D3H rev. 3.1 Bios v.8

2X 4GB 2133 Memory

Windows 7 64bit

Single monitor setups (Not sure if this matters when discussing memory reservations)



Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.