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GTA V runs better on an external screen, why?

Question asked by dysicle on Jul 20, 2015

I have an acer aspire v5 552g

Its specs are as follows:

amd 5557m quad core cpu 2.1ghz stock 3.1ghz turbo

8gb 1600mhz ram

amd radeon hd 8550g apu 512mb system memory

amd radeon 8750m 2gb ddr3 dedicated

5400rpm 1tb hdd

1366x768 screen


When i play gta v on the laptop display the fps is barely stable fluctuating between 30 and 20 and in the city when driving textures disapear or load slow,

but when i plug it into an external screen running 1360x768 the game runs at 40-50 fps and it is perfectly stable when i set half vsync on. (30 fps)

Sometimes when i launch the game it says i have 512mb of vram and other times it says i have 2512mb of vram. I have set dual graphics off because it

stutters in most games i play, all my settings are set to their lowest other than my resolution.

If i can get the game to play at 40-50 fps on my laptop screen i wouldnt have to plug it into my tv every time i wanna play a game.