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Driver update crashed and now pc won't detect videocard

Question asked by graphicsproblem0 on Jul 19, 2015
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I have a Radeon HD 7850. It has been working absolutely fine. Today I received a notification for a driver update so I clicked yes to download and install the new drivers.


Suddenly I got a black screen and my pc wouldn't do anything. I left it and came back and still nothing, so I restarted the computer. It now won't even detect my graphics card. All that appears in the device manager in display adaptors is my Intel onboard card. I tried installing the drivers again using the AMD update facility but it didn't detect anything.


I tried uninstalling all my old AMD programs and folders and using the AMD update facility again but it still wouldn't detect anything. I tried manually installing the driver for my card from AMD but it wouldn't work either.


I tried using CCleaner to clear registry problems, but that didn't help either. I tried looking in the BIOS but I couldn't even see my gfx card anywhere.


Please can someone help? Thanks


p.s. I opened my computer and the card is still active with the fan on.