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HP P144NA Switchable graphics

Question asked by bstardo87 on Jul 19, 2015
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I recently purchased HP P144NA and I am having problems with switchable graphics.


Processor: AMD A8-6410

Primary Adapter: Radeon R5

Linked Adapter: Radeon R7 m260

Latest AMD Display drivers are installed


How do I go about setting my R7 as the primary adapter? I am well versed in the use of laptops/PC's and this has me stumped.


I have been in the BIOS and there is no option in regards to switching the graphics card there. Also I have skimmed through the AMD Catalyst Control Centre with a fine tooth combe and there is no option to set my primary adapter.  Is this a manufacturing issue or software issue? I do not want to use onboard graphics and want to use the dedicated graphics card.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.