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    Any news on the VSR situation?


      Just wondering if this issue is getting ironed out...I filed a ticket based on Ray's link--would be happy to help test with my HIS HD 7850 2GB card...seems as though enough time has elapsed to have developed an answer/explanation.  Just wondering...My only complaint thus far with the 15.7's...!


      (I accidentally posted a similar question to "other software" somehow.)

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          I hope Ray doesn't mind me posting this but this is what he has said.



          I've been informed that most VSR issues will be addressed in the next driver release.


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              Thanks Itraven,


              I appreciate your efforts, but that's really sort of a standard catch-all answer (I mean, "next driver" could be x months away, etc.), and apart from some initial interest expressed by some people affiliated with AMD during the first couple of days after 15.7 availability--the silence from AMD has suddenly become deafening...I think the situation is pervasive enough to warrant a Hotfix driver release, myself...


              It's really rather puzzling...information as to what is causing the glitch is what AMD needs to publicize...is this a D3d12 issue, for instance, that has to do with something Microsoft has done in the current D3d12 releases in Win10, or...what, exactly?  Most people would understand if they'd simply be forthcoming about it--the silent treatment is not really AMD's style, imo.


              The issue of course isn't critical in terms of being able to play my 3d games without a problem, but we're still talking about an interesting feature that AMD has announced and has formally stated is working in 15.7 environments where it isn't working--and I don't only mean Pitcairn, either...


              I'd be more than happy to help them test for it with my Pitcairn Win10 system...