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HD 8730m Windows 8.1 update crash on boot

Question asked by psheegog on Jul 19, 2015

I have a Dell 17R laptop running Windows 8.1 with a Radeon HD 8739m in it. When the latest 8.1 update came through my computer wouldn't boot past the load screen and eventually went into a troubleshooting mode. I tried restoring and "refreshing" the drive (wiping everything but my personal files) and that didn't work. After a few reboots, I had just wiped the whole drive without any backup.


When I clicked through the windows troubleshooting process the problem file was an AMD driver. I didn't write the file name down or the version of my drivers but I know catalyst was keeping things up to date.


I don't know what's going on but I wanted to bring it to someone's attention or at least warn everyone on Dell laptops running the Radeon HD 8700 not to update windows yet. This is certainly the first time I've had a video card driver mess with Windows update so badly that I couldn't recover the drive. I'm a little disappointed to say the least.