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I need help with atiadlxx.dll error.

Question asked by ronika on Jul 19, 2015

Hello, yesterday I got a message that I have new drivers from AMD to install, I did that but windows started showing up pop ups that something was installed incorrectly.I ignored it and waited for the process to finish, that day everything was fine and I had no problems whatsoever .Today when I started my pc I tried to run a game that I played before and it said that my video card was not supported. I decided to restart my PC and this time when it turned on this error came up:Screenshot 2015-07-19 11.59.18.png

So I ask if any of you have any ideas how to fix this the,correct me if I am wrong but I think the error is because I installed that latest driver  so I tried what I could but I haven't solved it yet. Thank you in advance!