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I'm having issues with Mantle+Crossfire with the latest driver (Catalyst 15.7)

Question asked by christes on Jul 19, 2015

In both Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield 4, the latest driver update has made the game stop working for me when both Mantle and Crossfire are enabled.


In DA:I, the initial loading screen when loading a saved game just gives way to a black screen with a movable cursor.


In BF4, I can't even seem to join a game at all.


Both these games use the same engine, so I guess it's not too surprising that they'd have the same issues.


Rolling back to a previous driver version has removed the issues.


Has anyone experienced something similar?  Does anyone have an idea what is going on or a possible workaround?


My relevant system specs:


CPU: i7-930 @ 3.9GHz

GPUs: R9 280 / HD 7950 crossfire


edit: This appears to have been resolved by 15.7.1