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Catalyst won't install, open, or uninstall (any version)

Question asked by evillost on Jul 18, 2015

I just got a new 144Hz Freesync compatible monitor and plugged it in. I have not looked at Catalyst since I built this ....


PC (win 8.1 pro 64bit, r9 290, 500GB SSD with plenty of space, i7 5000+ i dont recall exacts but high end)


-Updated and confirmed .NET Framework 4.5.2 installed

-Attempted inserting registry entry to "force" usage to newest .NET (dunno it was some random google suggestion, didn't work)


-Tried connecting the 144hz monitor via DP by itself

-Tried connecting old 60hz monitor via DVI by itself (both same issue, i doubt these matter)


-Open Catalyst -> Crash

-Uninstall Catalyst via control panel -> Crash

-Remove Catalyst via AMD Removal utility (once regular, reboot to safe mode, run again ) -> successful


-Attempt to install 15.7 drivers -> get to "express or custom" screen but crashes before I can pick anything

-Attempt to install 15.7 drivers in safe mode -> some error about 'auto detection' (maybe due to safe mode? don't get this error in regular)

-Attempt to install 14.x drivers -> same exact error

-Attempt to change install config to "workaround=true" -> still crashes



Before at least it worked (I had drivers and 144hz, but couldnt get to any options to change freesync or anything else cause it crashed). But now that I uninstalled, I don't have any drivers and I can't get any version of Catalyst to install.


My monitor is looking really sad and so am I.