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Our APU Just Exploded?

Question asked by domino584 on Jul 18, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 18, 2016 by trentius_

We just recently built a new PC with a A8-7600.  Everything was running.  About a week later, the cooler just exploded and the APU does not function.


Within a week of use, the machine started to have odd performance issues.  Decided to go into the UEFI BIOS to set everything back to default.  Changed the Integrated GPU back to PEG mode so we could properly get into the BIOS through the dedicated card, saved the settings, and then the temperatures started to skyrocketed.  It went from ~40C and reached 75C until we turned it off.  We switched the monitor VGA to the dedicated card (MSI R7 260X 2GB) and started the machine back up after letting the temperatures cool down for about a minute.  The motherboard speaker gave us 3 beep.  We tried it again to see if it was just some error, but again, 3 beeps.


We disconnected the tower and opened it up.  There we combusted aluminum dust all over the motherboard and components.  Started to inspect the APU and found the cooler exploded, metal sharps on the bottom of the case, and the APU "unharmed".  My fiance has had numerous surgeries to her nose, and such dust could cause serious complications and harmful health effects.  I'm pissed.  What the hell just happened?




I've already made a support claim with AMD but I'm also posting on the forums for further support.  This QA on their APUs is completely unacceptable.  If this was to occur while we are outside of the house, this could have caused problems much more severe than this.


As for the rest of our components, what is recommended for cleaning the aluminum oxide product from the combustion so nothing else is broken?  Is highly concentrated alcohol, same used for clearing thermal paste, good?