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idle power consumption question

Question asked by eodeo on Jul 18, 2015

I'm getting a new GPU and I'd like it to be R9 290. It's high end, but it's being phased out so it's very cheap right now.


I have two monitors and my last AMD GPU- 7950 was terrible at idle power consumption. It would ramp up clocks, overheat and use lots of power needlessly while generating more noise due to increased fan speed. The same is true for playing back any kind of video even if the video is paused! This is completely unacceptable. I don't know what AMD is thinking, but if I were to get a new AMD GPU I have to find a way to get the GPU to behave properly before I get one. I'd like the GPU to behave more like an Nvidia GPU.


Right now I have GTX 660 and it idles at same clocks and temp weather it's on a single or dual monitor or if it's playing back a video or not. There are absolutely no problems, stutters or anything else wrong that demagogues people might suggest. In fact, because I'm using edge enhancement and noise reduction, I'm getting better image quality than I would get from AMD GPU - please correct me if I'm wrong.


Is there any way to get R9 290 clocks to behave properly- meaning idle when they're supposed to be idle? Back when I had GTX 460 before 2012 when Nvidia fixed dual monitor power consumption problem I used nvidia inspector to force proper GPU clocks. Is there some similar app for AMD GPUs? Clearly, AMD still hasn't addressed this gaping problem for over 3 years after Nvidia already did.


I'm kind of desperate to find a fix for AMD GPU, since their GPUs are so much cheaper and faster in games, but most of the time my system idles, so idle temps/power/noise matters- a lot. I guess it's fine for people who have a single monitor and don't care about viewing videos, but I have two monitors and I watch a lot of videos. I even dare to pause some videos for long periods of time. I'd like my GPU to be idle in all of those instances. Maybe even get ZeroCore tech to work while on two monitors?


Since I'm using Intel 4770k I've been thinking that maybe I could use the built in Intel GPU to power the second monitor that is set to Extend on my Win7 x64. Thanks!