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    Performance Problem since Catalyst 15.7


      Until I updated to Catalyst 15.7 I have massive performance Problems in some Games. At Battlefield 4 I can play normaly (with the older Catalys Versions) with 100 - 120 FPS, since Catalyst 15.7 I played maximum with 30 - 40 FPS. Can someone tell me what is wrong?


      My System:

      Windows 7 64 Bit

      Phenom 2 X4 965BE

      XFX R9 270X

      8 RAM

      Asus M5A78L-M USB3

      BeQiet Pure Power L7 - 630W (Power Supply)

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          Those are good frame rates without knowing your settings.  Monitor your temps to see if there is possible gpu or cpu throttling issues.

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            What is the screen resolution? What are the graphics presets for BF4?


            I can tell you right now that a 270x running BF4 @1080p on High settings will average 68.8 fps and Ultra will average 43.1 fps.

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                The screen resolution ist 1680 x 1050 60Hz because I have an screen that ist a little bit older.


                The Settings are my own setting based on High, some settings are only mid.


                With this settings i played normaly between 100 and 120 fps when Mantle is on. Without Mantle I played 85-95 fps. The same problem i´ve got in BF3 so I don´t think that it´s a problem based on the presets, because these lower fps I became first with Catalyst 15.7, with the old driver there were no Problems an the graphics presets are the same as before.


                I´m monitoring the temps next time but i can´t belive that this is the Problem