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    Microstuttering since update from 15.6 to 15.7 WHQL (R9 290 Crossfire)




      I updatet the Graphicsdriver from 15.6 (Batman driver) to 15.7 WHQL.

      Since the Update i have Microstuttering  in all games (tested with GTA 5, Bf4, Dirt Rally, Pcars, Witcher 3).

      When i switch back to the 15.6 the games are running fine without stuttering.



      -Frame Pacing ist activated in 15.6 and 15.7

      -I dont changed the default Crossfire Profiles

      -I removed the Driver with Display Driver uninstaller (DDU)


      My System:

      Windows 8.1 64 Bit

      Intel I5 3570k overclocked to 4,5GHz (Watercooled)

      2x Sapphire R9 290 TRI-x OC overclocked to Chip: 1100MHz, Ram: 1400Mhz (Watercooled)

      16GB DDR3 1800MHz RAM


      Full System:



      Greetings from Germany