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    ATI Driver Overriding Resolutions on Multiple Monitors


      I'm currently dealing with an issue where the ATI driver is overriding my resolutions. What I mean is, I have a set of 3 monitors. One 1600x900 (Samsung B2030) flanked by a pair of 1440x900's (Dell E198WFP), and upon booting into windows, the monitors are all forced to display 1920x1080. I've been trying to adjust any settings to change them back to native res. Oddly enough, if I disconnect one of the monitors and restart, resolutions are set to native, and I can create an eyefinity group with the pair. However, if I reconnect the third, it sets them all back to 1080p. While they are all at 1080p, if I try to make an eyefinity group, all of my monitors cease to display anything, and I have to restart my pc. I've disabled scaling and tried completely deleting and reinstalling the ATI driver (all installations have been 15.7) and the problem still persists. Hardware is as follows:


      AMD FX-6300

      M5A99FX Pro R2.0

      XFX HD 7870 Ghz edition

      8.0 GB RAM

      680W Apevia Beast PSU


      Running Windows 8.1 64 bit


      Any help is greatly appreciated, I'm just trying to achieve my eyefinity dreams!