How to fix 2015 Crashes

Discussion created by warsun99 on Jul 17, 2015

For those people who have used Firefox an just heard about the new graphics cards then suddenly found their system crashing with an anomaly on their screen then a blue screen of death.Yeah i figured it out about 2 months ago but for some reason i could not post on these forums.The problem comes from Google not your graphics cards.So if you just bough a graphics card an just returned it because the issue was not resolved or even got a Nvidia card an it still was not resolved.Yeah that was not your graphics card braking down.


The answer is.

Google initiated there defective YouTube HTML5 program.An has since been crashing computers.You should be able to go to your window in any browser an type in the address bar.




An get access to this function an disable it.This would stop your crashing.But if you go to the site.You will notice they have disabled the ability to turn off HTML5 an is now a permanent part of your YouTube search.Even if you are not using YouTube an it is on your browser it will crash your entire system.You can even hear videos playing in the background while it crashes.


Solutions found.

The only solution because i use Firefox is to install the App.

To install an app on Firefox.Open Firefox an click on Tools,now Add-ons.


YouTube™ Flash® Player 1.3.1-signed

By Maxime RF


This forces YouTube to use Adoble Flash.

You now have to install Adoble flash an disable EVERYTHING in Plugins in the about:addons page you are on.Except Shockwave Flash which is your Flash Player.

If you have done this you should no longer crash.However.I have found that Windows 10 after a test prevent your from completely disabling updates an system files due to Windows Defender.So for people using internet explorer i cannot help you due to Windows 10.

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