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Freeze on older gen hardware – HD 2xxx with OpenGL 3.3

Question asked by grakidov on Jul 17, 2015

I've got some kind of freeze when I'm trying to run our game on ATI 2600pro.

I know it is a strange question about bizarre videocard, but we have a lot of testers and kickstarter backer with old hardware 2xxx-4xxx and they like our game just because it looks like something that they will be able to run on their machines. I'm very motivated to run our game on 2xxx-3/4xxx. We are using opengl 3.3 and we should be able to run on that hardware.

When the freeze is happens there is nothing on the debug output, even when GL_ARB_debug_output

is enabled.

So my questions is: Could you please test the game (I can provide a sample) and tell me the reason for the freeze?
It would be great if you can provide a list with DOs and DONTs for this generation, using GL3.3, something to help me to bring the game to this generation.

Many Thanks,