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Updated my 8850m driver to find it turning into another VGA card!

Question asked by alaamagdy007 on Jul 18, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2015 by kingfish


I was alway complaining that i am not having the real power of my 8850m GPU in my dell 5537 i7 laptop .

i tried to see how to depend only on the 8850 and neglect the integrated intel 4000 card. I found ot that this is not possible as it seems as if the application needs more gpu power only in that case the power of the radeon will be unlocked. however i tried downloading the driver from amd site this time :amd-catalyst-15.5beta-64bit-win8.1-may27 instead of dell's website this time.

the change was drammatic . the graphics were way better than they were .however my concern and the remaining question is that when i open the device manager i find that the radeon is defined as : AMD Radeon R9 M200x Series in the drop down menu of the (display adapters).


I am now worried that if this is the wrong driver and whether it could harm my GPU (radeon) , specially that i found that the 8850m is a totally different vga vard than the R9 M200x