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Freesync not working after swapping GPU to Fury and updating to 15.7

Question asked by rv8000 on Jul 16, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by rv8000

I had a Fury X earlier this week on 15.7 and Freesync was functioning fine. After swapping for a Fury Tri-X and reinstalling drivers (used 7970 as a temp card in between), freesync isn't stopping tearing within the VRR range, I've even made sure to limit framerates to 140 on my BenQ XL2730Z; all the games I checked were either dx10 or d11. I'm also seeing serious stuttering in TW3 along with mild tearing. I've uninstalled and cleaned registries, swapped to HDMI to ensure I manually disabled Freesync within the monitor, then swapped back to DP and reinstalled the drivers, no dice. Anyone having similar issues, or know of any bug reports about Freesync not working in 15.7 for any reason?