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Problem with blackscreen amd hd 6850

Question asked by zekabroa on Jul 16, 2015

my specs are

windows 7 32bit/ processor intel core i5/2400 cpu3.10ghz 3.10 ghz /4gb ram / amd hd 6850


So yesterday i was playing games when suddenly screen turned a weird brownish color then turned black, after restarting it would go to the windows welcome screen then turn black. i booted in safe mode and tried checking if i had installed anything, ran mallware and virus checks and after all being cleared it still did the same. i looked online and tried uninstalling the graphics display drivers and that way it made it after the welcome screen but right after i tried updating the graphics card again and it did the same black screen thing.

I have formated my computer and it keeps happening but now it lets me browse the computer but if i open firefox or even a windows game it goes black screen again.

is my graphics card fried or can i still do anything about this?


thanks for the response