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    Well, AMD disappoints yet again, guess it's time...


      Welp, this was the last straw, i am done with AMD until they actually make DRIVERS...
      I've been into ATI and their Radeon's since i got Rage Pro back in the day, i loved it and then the other GPUs they made, next was the Radeon 9200, had the AMD Duron aswell, worked like a charm, never really had issues with either ATI or AMD, but suddenly, AMD bought ATI in 2006, thought this would be good....was wrong on so many levels, first GPUs from AMD worked superb, was in love with my 6850, worked for 3 years (short circuit it when i was cleaning it...), bought the R9 270x and still have it, and gotta say...the GPU is good, but the drivers make me wanna quit everything PC related, crashes after crashes, no game works normally, even BO2 crashes, ruined my zombie experience, WaW works, such miracle.

      I had issues with GTA 5, mentioned it in my last post, downclocked my GPU by 10MHz to make it work, but then a new issue happened, issue related to the newest AMD driver and this driver made me realize, that even if i give all my hope into AMD, the driver quality won't change


      This is the issue i'm talking about:


      This BSOD is related to badly written driver and the only driver installed in the last few days...in the last few weeks was the new AMD driver (15.7) and welp...got this sh*t 2 times already, both when playing games.

      The link to the microsoft BSOD page:



      Sorry for the rant, had to vent out and, well, dk, hope you guys won't have issues with this BS -.-

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          No problem for me with 15.7 so far, i got R9 290 (referance card) and works very well.

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            If you think AMD is so bad, then feel free to go to nVidia, but before you do you might want to look at their support forums.

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                If the forum rules allowed it, i'd show you e-mails from when i talked to AMD support, it was like talking to a bot written by a 5 year old, it was barely English, some answers i had to read 50 times before i understood what they wanted to say and this last time, he asked a few questions, i answered all of them in detail, added some of my thoughts too, only mentioned GTA 5 once but focused on the random crashes, but the answer was like the bot recognized the word ''GTA 5'' and automatically sent a response back with some bullsh*t GTA 5 ''fix'' and i said i tried to change all the settings in GTA 5 and no fix....but he just had to copy/paste that in...cuz why the f*ck not...

                it was literally like talking to a 5 year old with autism, tho even that 5 year old would have given better answers

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                Well to be perfectly honest I've never leaned heavily toward either AMD or nVidia. In fact since I've started working with computers back 1999 I've used - 2 Voodoo Banshee's (the first one got blown out by a power surge just a couple of months in), 2 nVidia cards and since December of 2012 my current Gygabyte Radeon HD 6750 1GB GDDR5.

                Up until this past fall I was convinced I would be sticking with AMD for a good long while. Except over the course of the last 2-3 driver updates I've had to deal with constant driver crashes that froze my screen until the driver could reboot itself and then last night the cherry on top of a very disappointing few months - withing 30 minutes of installing this latest driver update I was looking at a BSOD of my own. And this is after I resorted to rolling back my drivers last month to v.13.12. So I'd say the original poster has every right to be frustrated.

                I'm currently looking for a potential new GPU and while the AMD offerings have a great price range I have to question, is it worth it. Because a good AMD card will cost me about half my monthly salary(the cheapest 256bit Radeon I can find is aobut 150 euros), while new nVidia cards start at over a full months pay (the cheapest 256bit GeForce being nearly 350 euros) but at the same time if the AMD card is going to be causing me the same issues as my current one I am better off saving up and going back to a GeForce model.