Well, AMD disappoints yet again, guess it's time...

Discussion created by necroflex on Jul 16, 2015
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Welp, this was the last straw, i am done with AMD until they actually make DRIVERS...
I've been into ATI and their Radeon's since i got Rage Pro back in the day, i loved it and then the other GPUs they made, next was the Radeon 9200, had the AMD Duron aswell, worked like a charm, never really had issues with either ATI or AMD, but suddenly, AMD bought ATI in 2006, thought this would be good....was wrong on so many levels, first GPUs from AMD worked superb, was in love with my 6850, worked for 3 years (short circuit it when i was cleaning it...), bought the R9 270x and still have it, and gotta say...the GPU is good, but the drivers make me wanna quit everything PC related, crashes after crashes, no game works normally, even BO2 crashes, ruined my zombie experience, WaW works, such miracle.

I had issues with GTA 5, mentioned it in my last post, downclocked my GPU by 10MHz to make it work, but then a new issue happened, issue related to the newest AMD driver and this driver made me realize, that even if i give all my hope into AMD, the driver quality won't change


This is the issue i'm talking about:


This BSOD is related to badly written driver and the only driver installed in the last few the last few weeks was the new AMD driver (15.7) and this sh*t 2 times already, both when playing games.

The link to the microsoft BSOD page:


Sorry for the rant, had to vent out and, well, dk, hope you guys won't have issues with this BS -.-