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    my resolution is gone


      So guys, I was playing csgo yesterday with no problem on 4:3 1360x1024. Today, I woke up, and there was a catalyst control center update, and I went ahead and did it, and now in the game, on the 4:3 aspect ratio, I have up until 1024x768. Also some of the resolutions on 16:9 are also missing, but my native 1600x900 is there. I also tried going back to the old drivers but it didn't work. What can I do guys, I liked the 1360x1024 res. Thanks to everybody who responds.

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          do you have windows 7? mine did the same thing. go into My Digital Flat Panels > Scaling Options > Underscan your computer. if you have HDMI hooked up make sure your comp is set to 1920-1080 in control panel. hope this helps.

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            Hard to say with no more information than you supplied. Please read before posting

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                i thought i supplied every necessary info but if you tell me what exactly do you want to know than i will be more than happy to supply the information.

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                    When posting a thread about a particular issue you are experiencing it is very helpful if you provide as much information as possible.  Please use the template below, and be as detailed as you can.  It will enable your fellow forum members to provide more accurate and helpful suggestions.

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